Mission and Vision





The school’s mission states:


Our mission at Footscray North Primary School is to graduate empowered students who are high achieving, socially and emotionally intelligent, globally aware and active citizens in the community.







The school’s vision states:



  • Be highly literate and numerate
  • Be able to work collaboratively and cooperatively
  • Have high expectations of their learning
  • Be able to persist and accept challenges
  • Be able to reflect critically by asking questions and challenging ideas
  • Be socially and emotionally intelligent
  • Be environmentally and globally aware
  • Be responsible users of technology
  • Be open to the perspectives, values, cultures and traditions of other individuals and communities
  • Be able to think independently
  • Be imaginative and creative
  • Be open to differences in individuals



  • Be part of a Professional Learning Community that is focused on working collaboratively to enhance student learning
  • Participate in ongoing professional development
  • Be users of technology to enhance classroom practice.
  • Have an indepth knowledge of students and curriculum
  • Use high quality instructional practices
  • Have high expectations for all learners
  • Provide a high quality learning environment with opportunities for independent and interdependent work
  • Have high level and effective communication skills
  • Model and promote the school values
  • Build positive relationships with students



  • Form a supportive partnership with the school
  • Be interested and engaged in student learning
  • Join the school in celebrating achievements and milestones
  • Engage with the school using various forms of technology and multimedia platform