The Footscray North Primary School team in 2020 includes:


Principal: Ms Kay Willmott 
Assistant Principal: Mr Kevin Pycroft

Acting Assistant Principals: Mrs Phoebe Moore and Ms Lee-Anne Egglestone (nee Parboo)


Prep - 1 Teaching and Learning Coach: Ms Shanna DeBrincat 

Year 2 - 3 Teaching and Learning Coach: Ms Pagen Williams
Yr 4 - 6 Teaching & Learning Coach: Mr Justin Canny

Prep A -Mrs Rochelle Rehrman (nee McPhee) (Collaborative Team Leader)

Prep B - Mrs Melanie Marchese

Prep C-  Mrs Tracy Walker

Prep D - Ms Laura Dahlke
Prep E - Ms Karen Meyers 

Cover and Support: Ms Lauren Spark and Ms Ermina Dumic


1A - Mrs Diana Polazzon (Collaborative Team Leader)

1B - Ms Sarah Pearce

1C - Ms Misi Davies

1D - Ms Jacinta Kapelan

2A - Ms Kylie Gilcrist (Collaborative Team Leader)

2B - Ms Natasha Cicala
2C - Ms Maria James

2D - Ms Theresa Buetre

Cover and Support:Ms Monica Taylor


3A - Mr Nick Antoniou (Collaborative Team Leader)

3B - Mrs Charlotte Barker 

3C - Ms Rhiannah Sgarbi


4A - Ms Marcell Shoan (Collaborative Team Leader)

4B - Mr Joshua Leviston

Cover and Support:Mrs Sonia De Simone


5A - Ms Ngoc Du (Collaborative Team Leader)

5B - Ms Sian Willoughby


6A - Ms Katia Scicluna (Collaborative Team Leader)

6B - Mr Jacob Pini

Cover and Support:Ms Sharon Smith 


Performing Arts: Ms Jo Court (Specialist Team Leader)

Visual Arts: Charlotte Henry

PE: Mr Tyrone O'Connor 

Spanish: Ms Katy Burrows

Education Support: Ms Jodie Rasmussen, Ms Rita Agnhajani,  Ms Lisa Mitchell, Ms Elli Strachan, Miss Sarah Sacco, Mr Nick Ryan, Ms Caroline Rayner, Ms Brigid Clamp & Ms Margaret Robottom, 

Student Well-being Coordinator: Ms Samantha Molloy
Student Services: Mrs Mary Dowling

Office Manager: Ms Leanne Treherne

Business Manager: Ms Pam Merritt
Office Support: Ms Sharon Parker

IT Technician: Mr Quang Ho
LIbrary Technician: Ms Lydia Schmidt

Maintenance: Mr Daniel Herrick, Mr Rob Suffolk, Mr Thom Gleeson


                                    Principal: Kay Willmott                      Assistant Principal: Kevin Pycroft