ESL / Language Support Program

Language Support Program

Semester 1 -2016


The Language Support Program assists students with their language development focusing on various aspects of speaking and listening including skills to cooperate with others. Students are withdrawn from the classroom in small groups for a one-hour session per week.

 This Term the program will focus on the following areas:

Attentive listening behaviors

Giving and following instructions

Speaking in complex and simple sentences

Using conversation skills.

Understanding the language associated with the use of a calendar.

Using appropriate behaviors to cooperate with others.

Developing confidence.

Speaking clearly with appropriate volume and speed.


Some students have a folder containing stories to help them at school and home. Students can read these stories with their parents at home.


Students will continue working with various I PAD applications to motivate and develop their use of language.


If you require further information regarding the Language Support Program your child is accessing please contact:

Christine Powell – Language Support Program Coordinator.