Visual Arts

Visual Arts News                              Semester One, 2018.

A warm welcome to all students and their families from Ms Thuy Dang. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the Visual Arts program to all valued members of Footscray North Primary School.

At Footscray North all students will participate in a weekly one hour Visual Arts session. Art smocks and all other art materials are provided. Parents are welcome to visit our Art room or take a look at the artwork displayed in the school foyer.

In Semester One, in the first few weeks, all students will be involved in discussions and illustrations about art room procedures regarding safety and use of materials. The Art room Agreements are discussed and clearly displayed so students are aware of expectations and participate to the best of their ability.

Visual Arts activities are related to their integrated topics to support classroom learning and create meaningful experiences.

This Semester, students across the school will be developing their drawing and printing skills. They will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of these art forms by viewing a variety of artworks created by famous artists from different cultures and times. They will have the chance to practise and develop specific skills and techniques, using the art elements and principles such as: Line, Colour, Shape, Space, Emphasis, Balance etc.

Students will discuss and evaluate how their ideas, feelings and purpose are delivered.



In Semester One, Foundation/Prep. students will be observing and experimenting with Line, Pattern, Primary and Secondary colours. With assistance, they will create artworks that tell stories, using different materials, drawing skills and printing techniques. They will be sharing their artwork and contributing ideas to classroom conversations about what they have made and experienced. With guidance, the students will be starting to use vocabulary including, but not limited to Line, Colour and Pattern, when talking about their artworks and explain why and how they created it.


            Inspired by Modigliani’s artworks, the students in One/Two year levels will be experiencing, and expressing ideas about ways that Line, Shape, Pattern and Cool & Warm colours can be used to communicate ideas.

            They will be experimenting and beginning to select, arrange and use repetitive lines, shapes or colours, different materials & techniques in 2D and 3D to communicate personal ideas and feelings. The students will be creating artwork that tells a story about their personal experience at home, school or community. With guidance, the students will be contributing ideas to classroom conversations based on different reasons for choosing a preferred artwork.



Inspired by Gustav Klimt’s artwork, students will be applying and developing their knowledge and skills through exploring arts processes and ways to express ideas arising from artists from different cultures and times. With guidance, the students will be planning and creating artworks that are informed by their understanding of ways the artists used Shades and Tints, Contrasting and Harmonious Colours, Emphasis and Balance. They will be guided to select, combine and experiment with ways of using materials, technologies, specific drawing and printing processes. They will be discussing about their choices and evaluating their artwork based on given criteria.



Students will be exploring ideas generated from Claude Monet’s artwork. They will be experimenting with and applying a range of skills, techniques and processes in drawing and printing using a range of media, materials, equipment and technologies. They will be applying Visual Arts elements and principles such as Space, Unity, Proportion and Tertiary Colours. The students will be also explaining where and how influences from other cultures, traditions and times have been incorporated into their own artworks.