FNPS Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum

Our Footscray North Primary Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum is a research based Curriculum that is heavily influenced by the science of positive psychology and aligned with the Victorian Curriculum Capabilities. Through partnership with the Centre for Positive Psychology at Melbourne University we have created a SEL curriculum that focuses on increasing individual student wellbeing, increasing positive states (relationships, emotions, engagement, meaning, achievement) and building resilience.


Positive Psychology focuses on the science of promoting individual flourishing and wellbeing. Flourishing is described as feeling good, doing good, and living a meaningful life. Here at FNPS we believe in teaching these principles to set students up for future success, which aligns with our Mission statement of graduating empowered students who are high achieving, socially emotionally intelligent, globally aware and active citizens in the community.



The SEL curriculum is taught explicitly in the classroom each week or fortnight and focuses on the following themes


Term One


Growth Mindset and Character Strengths

Term Two


Emotional Literacy and Self-Regulation

Term Three


Positive Relationships

Term Four


Justice, Service and Giving