School History

Some significant events in the History of our School


1917   Preliminary investigations commenced re the establishment of a school at the corner of Rosamond Road and Mephan Street.


1920   School site purchased


1923   School commenced operation


1924   School officially opened by Dr. J. A. Leach, District Inspector of schools on 20th April


1928   Caretaker’s residence built (entrance from May Street)


1943   Two timber classrooms erected near two-storey building


1949   Army Huts (2 classrooms) erected


1950’s   Enrolments peaked at 850 students


1950   Church of England Hall in May Street leased for additional classroom space


1953   Two timber classroom erected at east end of “Hawksley Building”


1962   Army huts converted to a canteen


1965   Cooperative Society formed to provide funds for construction of new canteen


1967   Army Huts (old Canteen) and original Library demolished.

            New Canteen built between shelter sheds. Cost 2,000 pounds


1971   Senior buildings (4 classrooms) erected (brick clad/light timber construction)


1974   Education Department Demonstration Unit built on former Caretaker’s residence site


1976   Multi-purpose Hall built


1976   School Council established


1977   Bingo commenced in the School Hall. Joint School Council/Maidstone Junior Sporting Club fundraising activity


1980   Outdoor learning area, including barbeque, constructed

            Four half court and two full-sized tennis courts constructed by Maidstone Junior Sporting Club


1981   School obtained two ovals (Argaet Reserve) in return for Nursing home site


1986   Major facilities upgrade took place, officially opened by Hon, Robert Fordham M.P. on 12th April


1989   Inner Western School Support Centre (formally Demonstration Unit and later Curriculum Centre) was burnt down.

            Inner Wester School Support Centre replaced with portable classrooms


1990   Extension to the School Hall completed


1991   Two new full sized tennis courts constructed


1993   Inner Western School Support Centre site (May Street) officially handed back to the school


2003   Rooms 10/11/12 built and rooms 6/7/8/9 upgraded


2006   Upgrade to Administration Area


2007   Oval resurfacing


2009   Old canteen and shelter sheds knocked down


2010   New building (BER)


2011   Fencing around the school

2017   Rooms 17 and 18 added (portables)


2017   Library Upgrade

2018   Hot Shots Courts Installed (Tennis Victoria and MJSC)

2018   Northern Edge redevelopment


2020  Sensory Garden (Inclusive Schools Fund)- southern side of main building


2021  Major Building Project - New Gymnasium, new learning bases and additional resource intensive teaching spaces