Wellbeing Week

The last week of Term 3 is Wellbeing Week! During this week we will focus on the health and wellbeing of everyone.

This week we will focus on the 5 ways of wellbeing and use these to guide us in looking after ourselves and each other. 

There will be live sessions held at 10.30 daily, each with a different focus.  

Monday - Connect 

Spoonville with Sharon and Monica

Tuesday - Be Active 

Workout with Kevin and Ty https://eduvic.webex.com/meet/chigwidden.kevin.k 
Meeting code: 575 032 505

 Wednesday - Learn something new 

Drumming with Charlotte and Jo https://eduvic.webex.com/meet/henry.charlotte.e 
Meeting code: 571 282 402

Thursday - Take Notice 

Yoga with Katia https://eduvic.webex.com/meet/scicluna.katia.k 
Meeting code: 576 576 050

Friday  - Give Back 

Reward your heroes with Hannah https://eduvic.webex.com/meet/teesdale.hannah.h 
Meeting code: 573 123 400

Monday Video: Connection 

Tuesday Video: Be Active

Wednesday Video: Learn something new

Thursday Video: Take Notice

Friday Video: Give Back