Year 5/6

Term One 2017 Overview


Dear Parents and Students,


The Year 5/6 Team would like to extend a warm welcome to our students and families and we hope you all had a fantastic break!


During the first two weeks of Term One, students will be engaged in our start up program.  We have been getting to know each other and establishing a learning community within our classrooms to prepare for a fantastic year ahead.




In writing this term students will plan, draft and publish a structurally solid narrative text using realistic and fantasy settings and characters that draw on the worlds

represented in texts that students have experienced.  Students will also begin working on writing poetry. They will practice using a range of language devices, to prepare them for writing narratives and persuasive texts.  These will include the use of more interesting verbs, adjectives, adverbs and a range of figurative language.  The students will focus on spelling and word investigations that will be incorporated into their fortnightly homework tasks and word study sessions.


In reading, students will further practise the comprehension strategies of making connections, visualising, inferring and thinking aloud to further complement their work in writing. This will include participating in author studies, viewing short videos, mentor texts, working with the teacher, accessing electronic print and participating in reading groups.




In Maths we are studying the concepts of Place Value, Decimals, Rounding and using mental and written strategies for Addition and Subtraction.  For the Time topic the essential learnings will include students telling the time to the minute, using am and pm notation and solving simple time problems involving elapsed time, converting between units of time and interpreting timetables.



Our Integrated Topic for Term 1 is “Taking Care of Business.”   

Students will develop an understanding of the economy. Students will be challenged to make money which will be through setting up their own class business.  


We will focus on answering the following key questions throughout our unit of work:

  • How do people make money?
  • How do we spend money?
  • How do we define the role of consumer, worker and producer?
  • How do these three roles interlink and what is their effect on the economy?


This topic will challenge our students to investigate the relationship between consumers, workers and producers and where they fit into the economy.  



Student diaries are required to be brought in everyday.  Students are required to record their reading in their diaries every night and this reading needs to be signed off on by parents on a weekly basis.


Homework will be handed out every second week. Homework will focus on the main areas of the curriculum, with Reading, Spelling, Maths and Topic work covered each fortnight.


We strongly encourage all students to remember to bring their personal tablets/devices to school, as the use of ICT is heavily integrated through many areas of the curriculum.


Our school captains and sports captains will be elected in March.  The application process has changed and students will be presenting their interest to fellow students as well as a panel of teachers.  We are confident that our future school leaders will represent our school proudly.  

We will commence the 5/6 swimming program at MAC beginning Week 4 of the term.  All students are encouraged to attend.  We will also begin training for interschool sports which commences at the beginning of Term 2. We will focus on playing Football, Netball, Soccer and Newcomb.


 The 5/6 team are looking forward to working with our students and their families this term. Please feel free to come in and speak to your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.


Sonia De Simone, Katy Lawley, Stephanie Keswick, Charlotte Henry and Justin Canny.