Please click here for the 2017 Prep Parent Information Booklet


The Prep team would like to welcome you and your family to our Footscray North Primary School community. We are looking forward to getting to know your child.


At the beginning of Term One we will establish our classroom routines and outline the classroom expectations. The students will also learn about our school values-Respect, Responsibility, Excellence and Inclusion.



In Literacy, the students will be immersed into poems and chants and simple repetitive texts. They will start borrowing books from the home reading collection every day. Students will also consolidate their knowledge of the letter names and their sounds and recognise rhymes, syllables and the sounds they can hear in words.


Students will identify the different parts of a book, learn to point to the words using a left to right sweep and be introduced to independent reading. We will introduce comprehension strategies such as making predictions, using our prior knowledge and visualising. We will also focus on decoding strategies to assist students when reading unfamiliar words including using initial sounds, recognising high frequency words in books and using the pictures to predict words.


In Writing the students will learn to write their name with correct upper case and lower case letters. They will create simple lists and write a simple sentence to explain the text or share an experience they have had. In handwriting, they will work on using the correct pencil grip and correct letter formation.



In Mathematics, our focus is on numbers 0 to 10. The students will be using concrete materials to build and develop their understanding of number. Students will explore the links between the number names, numerals and collections up to 10 and beyond. They will describe collections of objects as either ‘more’ or ‘less’.  Students will develop their understanding of time concepts such as the days of the week, months of the year, seasons and time intervals-morning, afternoon and evening. They will also learn the language of location and position such as besides, in front and behind.



Our integrated focus this term is ‘Communities.’ Students will learn about being part of the classroom and school community and how the rules of each community help us to belong.

Key Questions:

What is a rule?

Why are rules and routines important?

How do rules help us?

Who makes the rules?

What are the different types of rules within the home, school and community?



We will be commencing our homework program at the beginning of March. Homework tasks and the reading log are due on a weekly basis and are handed in every Friday. The homework tasks are a revision of the concepts covered in class which students should be familiar with.


If there are any difficulties completing homework tasks, parents and students are encouraged to come and speak to their classroom teacher.

It is the expectation that all students read for a minimum of 10 minutes each night and bring their take home folders to school each morning to change.


The first 10 spelling words will be introduced this term and will be incorporated into weekly homework tasks. Students will be tested on these words every Friday until the end of term.


We are looking forward to a great start this term and a very exciting and productive 2017.


Prep Team


Diana Polazzon, Phoebe Hickman, Shanna DeBrincat, Karen Meyers & Kylie Gilcrist